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Full Suite Of Services

Needs Understanding and Future Planning

Before you even decide to sell, we first understand what your plans are after you have sold this property. Therefore, we will sit down with you to understand your intentions for selling and your future property progression goals.

Market and Property Analysis

Sharing insights about the property market and trends of your current property location, district, competing neighboring developments will give you a clearer perspective before we strategize on the direction to take for the selling of your property

Property Valuation and Financial Planning

We will tap on various data sources to seek a valuation for your property and come to a common consensus on the pricing strategy for your property. Financial planning also helps to put into perspective your proceeds from the sale and in turn, for your next property purchase.

Timeline Planning and Execution

We will share with you the upcoming timeline that you can expect including our selling strategy implementation, the selling process and when is your expected date of return of your selling proceeds.

Mortgage Planning

Properties that are leveraging on a mortgage loan may face penalties for selling. It is our duty to check, inform, calculate and plan the timeline for you in the event that there are penalties to be paid to the bank.

Site Set Up and Staging

Upon engagement of our services, we will look into setting up your property to be ready and conducive for photoshoots, video shoots and making your potential buyers feel comfortable and welcome. This will attract more potential buyers and increase the probability of receiving more offers at an optimal price range.

Marketing Strategy

Understanding your property's traits will allow us to identify the right target market, position the property correctly, come up with the marketing pitch strategy, and adopt the right tone of voice towards the right target audience.

Media Strategy

As we leverage on both traditional and digital channels, here we will decide which specific mediums are more suitable to reach your target audience so as to increase the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns

High Quality Photography and Video Shoot

We will ensure that professional and high quality photos and videos are taken to capture your property in the best light possible.

Ad Material Preparation

At this phase, we look at preparing the necessary materials to be used on the various platforms and mediums that we will be tapping on to reach out to your property's target audience.

Portal Listings

We will also tap on Property Guru & our in-house technology called Navis Link Up where 10 of our colleagues will be able to cross-post and share your property on various portals so that we can reach as many people as possible in the shortest time possible.

Ad Campaign Implementation

Here, we begin on the ad campaigns for a stipulated period via the marketing and media strategy that we have planned out for you. We will make adjustments along the way to ensure effectiveness.

Personalised Buyer Viewing Experience

Any potential buyers will experience a personalized viewing experience with us, making them feel as welcome and open as possible just like an open house. We will highlight the unique aspects of the house and help them to see your property in the same light as you do.

Price Negotiations

We will do our best to help you to achieve the most optimal pricing based on the offers that have been made from the viewing parties and agents.

Property Law Firm Engagement

Thereafter, we will link you up with established law firms to coordinate the selling conveyancing, making your selling process as seamless as possible.

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